Fire prevention and safety measuresFire prevention and safety measures in the time of Covid

In these unprecedented times in which we find ourselves due to the pandemic, it should be remembered that fire safety cannot be put on hold. With less people on site, it may be tempting to relax, but fire doesn’t discriminate or choose a time that suits you.

With less activity this may be a very good time to re-evaluate your fire prevention and safety measures and ensure inspections are still being carried out regularly. With the risk of Covid, it may be tempting to leave fire doors open to reduce surface contact from door handles. While this may be appealing, strategically placed sanitising stations and training would be more effective and an open fire door is not a fire door at all. It’s a passage to spread fire rapidly.

Are exits still clearly marked and unblocked? With less supervision are shortcuts being taken? Are bins with flammable material still being emptied regularly? Is cleaning material storage safe and tidy?

Fire systems and extinguishers must still be checked and maintained, even if no one is in the building, so ensure the maintenance and check schedules are followed. Don’t be playing catch-up when things return to normal. A fire could still occur and the ramifications of not continuing the fire safety regimen could have disastrous effects on lives and the business.

With reduced staff, are there sufficient fire, first aid and safety trained people on site? This may be a good time to evaluate and train. Also with reduced staffing levels and activity it could be a good time to check that alarms are clean and in good working order.

The pandemic will be brought under control and life will return to normal. Now is not the time to relax safety and fire prevention procedures.

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