Fire EquipmentSkimping on safety and fire system equipment is not a good idea. It is very important to ensure all fire equipment which is purchased and installed is certified to South African safety standards. By ensuring all of your fire safety equipment is certified according to SABS, SANS and according to various Occupational Health and Safety measures, you are ensuring the legality and compliance of your fire equipment.


Full range of fire system equipment

Fire extinguishers, sprinklers, signage, planning, gaseous fire suppression and smoke control are just some of the equipment we can offer.

Supply & Maintenance

Firebrand provides, as per SANS 1475, SABS Approved onsite Mobile Workshops, and can inspect and refill all DCP fire extinguishers on-Site. There is no need for any removal of equipment from Site. WE also do SAQCC Assessments & Servicing and provide compliance labels after the inspection.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Supply, Installation & Maintenance

Fire sprinklers are an essential product for many buildings, and we supply all associated equipment sprinkler parts and products. We are also able to design & install piping, carry out control valve assembly & Sprinkler Heads in Commercial, Industrial & Residential Properties. Firebrand also offers scheduled maintenance of Sprinkler Pump & Valves.


Fire Safety & Evacuation Signage

As per SANS 1186: 1&5 Firebrand is able to sell and Install a wide variety of statutory signage for evacuation plans which can also be designed and implemented by us as per the Occupational health & Safety Act 85 of 1993.

Gaseous Fire Suppression Maintenance

We offer Clean Agent (Inert) or Co2 for Data Centres, Mobile Applications, Specialised Equipment, Chemical Agent (Fm200) and Conveyor Belt Suppression Systems.

Smoke Control Maintenance

As part of a quality fire system equipment checklist it is usually crucial to include Fusible Link and Mechanical Ventilation Supply, Window Automation, Fire Curtains & Baffles, Forced Extraction and Natural Ventilation as precautionary and fire control systems.

Early Warning Fire Detection Systems

Firebrand is able to supply and install, maintain and design Fire Alarm Systems, Initiating Devices, and Emergency Voice Alarm Communication Systems. We also offer Optical Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Beam Detectors and Gas Detectors.

Firebrand is a leading Fire Safety and equipment supplier. Speak to one of our consultants today to find out more about how we can help you.