sterilisation & sanitisation productsThe Firebrand Group of Companies is at the forefront of providing solutions for safety, comfort, and minimising risk. Once again, we are in a position to provide solutions that are ground-breaking and efficient with a range of sterilisation and sanitisation products. These products include non-powered escalator handrail sanitizers and autonomous and continuous UV light disinfection solutions.



Escalator Handrail Sanitisers

The Escalator handrail sanitiser contributes to the improvement of a hygienic environment by sterilising bacteria and viruses by installing it to escalators and moving handrails.

This product features:

  • Continuous sterilisation
  • Easy installation
  • Compact and safe design
  • UV sterilisation
  • Self-generation
  • Safety features

The escalator handrail sanitiser is ideal for use in airports, hospitals, subways, shopping centres and more. Take a look at this comparison between UV sterilisation and other sterilisation methods:

Pathogen safe zones with FAR-UV solutions

FAR-UV lighting is the first safe, effective, autonomous, and continuous disinfection system for

occupied spaces. The lamps used operate at 222nm and are superior to existing UV sanitation systems which typically operate at 254nm in occupied spaces.

These solutions are ideal for a variety of industries including the food, transport, medical and property sectors.

The Process

The Firebrand team will first conduct a free site assessment. Together with the client we will then ascertain where the vulnerable areas of concern are. We then analyse the buildings floor plan to allocate connection points which will be included in the final quotation. Finally, together with the OHS officer we formulate a quotation and recommendation document for presentation.

Our Mission Statement says it all:

‘’To provide quality, innovative and safe solutions for businesses in order to eliminate all forms of risk associated in and out of the workplace.’’

So, contact the Firebrand team today for effective sanitising solutions for your business or buildings. We’ll provide you with peace of mind and products that kill all airborne and surface pathogens.