Our Service

We are uniquely a fully comprehensive fire and security company offering a wide range of products and services catering for the Commercial and Industrial Property sectors in Southern Africa.  Our team of professionals take pride in their quality of work as it is not only passion that drives us, but the knowledge in that we are saving lives and assets by educating, training and protecting our clients and their businesses.

Fire Compliance

We offer a wide range of fire compliance services, including; fire fighting equipment, fire and evacuation signage, smoke detection, fire sprinklers, fire doors and much more.


Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality.  We have the systems in place to align your business with ISO standards, in accordance with South African Bureau of Standards.

Specialised Fire

From Fire Suppression to Automatic Fire Sprinklers and Smoke Detection, we install a variety of systems for optimum protection in accordance with SANS regulations.

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What We Offer

With our SABS Approved Mobile Workshop in hand, our team of SAQCC approved technicians and contractors are readily available to install, repair, overhaul and to certify:

  • Handheld Fire Fighting Equipment.
  • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems.
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.
  • Water-Mist Fire Suppression Systems.
With over 20 years of combined property and fire experience, our accredited consultants are at your service for Building Regulation Advice and Audits.

We can assist with building projects from the very beginning stages by working with proven outsourced Fire Engineers with regards to Fire Rational Designs, Fire Plans and Approvals, Council Submissions, Project Management and Fire Clearance Certificates.

With this in mind, you don’t need to go any further when deciding between service providers as we can provide a turnkey solution.

With quality always the first prize, we strive for perfection in every detail as small as it may be.

We take time to make sure that every piece of equipment is installed according to the relevant regulation.  Haste often brings errors and we make certain that every detail is inspected before sign-off.  Being in the regulated industry that we are, it is important to note that we cannot by law install outside of the relevant specification and we pride ourselves in that we never would and never will.

Why Choose Us

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Our team of consultants are always on call for advice and queries.

With a helpful attitude and excellent customer relations in mind, you can be assured that any dealings that you may have with Firebrand, you will undoubtedly be satisfied with the assistance that you receive.

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It’s not only our service that we take pride in, its our pristine installations that we are ecstatic about.

All our technicians are trained to perform their tasks with quality in mind.  Each installation is inspected by a Senior Manager and signed off accordingly before handing over to the client.

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