Smoke control and extractionSmoke control and extraction is an important aspect of any buildings fire safety measures. We specialise in designing, supplying and maintaining these systems across southern Africa. We believe in ensuring the systems have longevity and usability and use only the latest technologies. The main purpose of these systems is to provide comfort from day-to-day and ensure safety in an emergency.

What is smoke control?

Smoke affixation is responsible for approximately 66% of fire related deaths. Fire safety encompasses many aspects, one of the important aspects is ensuring your building has efficient and compliant smoke control and extraction systems. The philosophy is to protect escape routes, people and assets, in the event of a building fire. The protection is achieved by using the natural geometry of the building to direct the hazardous fire effluent out of the building minimising damage and the spread of fire.

The components of a smoke control system need to operate in accordance with the designers fire rationale sequence in order to effectively maintain a clear visibility for building occupants. Smoke & heat detectors, ventilators, smoke & fire curtains, dampers and fans all need to work as one safety system in the event of a fire.

Installing and maintaining Smoke control and extraction systems

Firebrand offer the latest technology and maintain and install systems with a staff of qualified and certified electricians. We are also able to provide compliance certificates. Our maintenance schedules are discussed with the client and are vital to ensuring the system is always ready to perform at its best in case of an emergency.


We specialise in the design and drafting of HVAC and smoke control systems according to internationally approved codes of practice and SANS specifications.

  • Turnkey installations
  • Preventative maintenance
  • On-site quality control checks in accordance with our quality procedures

Products Offered

  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Smoke Control – Mechanical & Forced Extraction Window & Door Automation
  • Fire Roller Shutters and Smoke & Fire Curtains
  • Mechanical Design & Drafting
  • Smoke Baffles

We are professional suppliers, installers and offer maintenance of large-scale air-conditioning and smoke ventilation systems. Contact us today to get a quotation or to discuss your needs.