Fire Hydrant

A fire hydrant is a critical piece of your firefighting equipment. It is one of the oldest and most effective systems to fight a fire. Fire Brand Group offers an effective installation testing and repair service to ensure that should you suffer the misfortune of a fire; your suppression system will not let you down. We can carry out a variety of tests on your system.

Our system test includes:

  • Air test.
  • Hydrostatic test.
  • Flow test.
  • Gauge test. 
  • Test onsite water supply.

Fire Hydrant

Image Source: Polokwane Observer

Fire Hydrant Systems

These systems are installed in buildings to help firefighters deploy attack hose lines quickly and with adequate water pressure and volume. They may be designed for heavy stream applications, first aid fire appliances, or have features of both. Understanding the differences and recognising their designs can help you to plan your fire attack and protect lives and property.

They’re designed to be used by trained personnel. They are equipped with threaded ports to fit local fire department thread for heavy stream applications. The requirement for water delivery is 1200 l/min @ 300 kPa (3 bar). 

Types of Fire Hydrant Systems

These are defined by type:

Automatic systems. These are designed to provide the required pressure and water supply when a valve is opened.

Semi-automatic systems. These provide the required water volume and pressure when a control device or pump is activated. 

Wet systems. These are always filled with water under the required pressure.

Fire Hydrant

Fire Suppression

The size of the building determines the quantity and pressure of water that will be needed to be pumped to the Fire Hydrant. Whatever the Fire Hydrant system we can inspect and maintain it. We inspect using SANS 10400 Part T, Part W and SANS 10252:1. 

Bear in mind that the Fire Hydrant and sprinkler systems are fed from the same riser, so regular testing helps to ensure that backflow prevention devices are operational. Keep your Fire Hydrant in full working order, you never know when you may need them. Contact Firebrand Group for advice and servicing.