Fire protection company

Perhaps you are starting a business or moving to bigger premises and you need a fire protection company to provide a FREE ASSESSMENT. Or you just want an overhaul of your current fire prevention installation. It may be that a professional fire safety check is what is required. Whatever the requirement, Firebrand is a fully accredited fire protection company. 

Injuries from fires can be among the most devastating. Fires and the resulting injuries are preventable, but it is estimated that over a million patients are burned annually on the African continent. Do not let your staff or loved ones become part of this statistic.

Project Management

Firebrand can oversee your entire fire protection installation from fire hazard identification to complete projects. We provide design, installation and project planning to ensure that your project is delivered on time. We provide weekly project progress reports complete with time management charts, quality control checks and liaison.

Design and drafting service

We can design and provide plans with a full drafting service for the entire fire protection installation of electrical and wet services. This is best incorporated into the layout of the business. Where are the danger points from flammable materials and processes? We will collaborate with you to identify hazards and plan reactions.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Supply & Installation

Fire sprinklers provide a great deal of peace of mind when it comes to protecting your business from fire. In the event of a fire breaking out, sprinklers activate automatically. Firebrand supplies all sprinkler parts and can design and install the piping and control valves necessary for your premises, be they commercial, industrial or residential. 

Fire Doors

Fire doors are critical in the prevention of the spread of fire. Fire doors are manufactured from certified, SABS approved materials and come in a range of different ratings. Firebrand can help you ensure that you have the correct doors using our knowledge and experience. 

Fire Pumps & Tanks

Is your residential, commercial or industrial facility situated without access to a municipal mains water supply? If so, it may be necessary to install water storage tanks and pumps for your fire suppression needs. Firebrand supply, install and maintain a wide range of fire pumps and water storage tanks. We can recommend and design a plan to meet your requirements.

Fire Suppression

Fire extinguishers use different fire suppression agents depending on the materials being extinguished. Firebrand can recommend types, plan the installation and positioning and maintain your fire extinguishers. We supply all types of extinguishers. 

  • Clean Agent (Inert) or Co2 fire suppression systems for data Centres
  • Mobile Applications
  • Specialised Equipment
  • Chemical Agent (Fm200)
  • Conveyor Belt Suppression Systems.
  • Hydrant & Hose Reel Reticulation

Speciality Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Commercial and residential kitchens pose a particular fire risk. Open flames, hot surfaces and flammable cooking oils are recipes for fire. We can supply and fit all industrial and commercial kitchens with suppression systems that provide fast detection, LPCB Certification and extended coverage. 

Early Warning Fire Detection Systems

The best fire safety is never to have a fire, however if, unfortunately a fire does break out, the best defence is early warning. The quicker the detection, the quicker it can be extinguished and damage minimalised. Firebrand can design and install a range of fire detection systems depending on the requirements. 

Whatever your fire safety requirements, Firebrand can help to give you peace of mind.

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