Fire Protection and Smoke Control SolutionsOur Fire Protection and Smoke Control Solutions adhere to strict national and international codes and compliance practices. We have developed a network of partners who we have joined forces with to ensure that the Firebrand vision has become a reality.

So, what is the Firebrand vision?To become a market leader in the fields of Fire Protection and Smoke Control. To provide solutions that are safe and secure for personnel, property, and the environment we live in.

Comprehensive Fire Protection

The goal is to ensure that our clients are able to adhere to the annual compliance requirements and maintenance of their fire equipment and fire systems.

Our experienced project managers, technicians and SABS approved mobile workshops are on hand with SAQCC registered technicians to install, repair, overhaul, and certify our clients relevant fire safety equipment.

Not only are we able to design and install required fire protection and smoke control solutions, but we also offer on and off-site training for our clients. Our aim is to eliminate all forms of risk that may be associated with people and the environment they are working in.

Exclusive High-End Smoke Control

Another area of our expertise is the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of smoke ventilation systems.

By implementing the latest technologies with usability and longevity of the systems in mind, our solutions provide compliant smoke and heat exhaust solutions which provide life-safety smoke and hot gas evacuation in the event of a fire in a building.


Fire Protection and Smoke Control Solutions – Maintenance and Certification

Our team are on call to attend to the preventative maintenance requirements of your system and to ensure your building benefits from maximum up time. Certificates are also provided for work carried out by our qualified and experienced team.

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