Fire risk assessment and equipmentFire Risk Prevention

A fire risk assessment and equipment of good quality, with regular service intervals, ensures your building is safe and ready to minimise risk in the case of an emergency. Fire safety responsibilities are easier to manage and control than they are to fix and update after a tragedy has struck. As an owner, manager or sometimes even an occupant of a building you may have legally binding measures to implement for the safety of the other occupants.

Ensuring adequate protection and up-to-date fire safety measures is crucial for compliance and more importantly safety. The best place to start to ensure you know the status of your building is with a RISK ASSESSMENT, which Firebrand offer free of charge.

It is often standard practice to have someone or a team in charge of fire safety and to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities, equipment and procedures in case of a fire.

Fire Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessments cover various areas of compliance including:

  • Compliance with Fire Regulations
  • Fire Protection Systems Compliance
  • Health & Safety Compliance

With a risk assessment, we’ll be able to understand which measures are in place and what steps need to be taken to improve your systems and to ensure compliance and safety measures are in place.

After your Assessment

After your Fire risk assessment and equipment inspection is complete, Firebrand will propose and advise on various measures to be taken in the areas of comprehensive fire & security, specialised fire protection, smoke control, extraction and HVAC, and risk solutions.

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With SAQCC qualified technicians, we offer equipment, solutions and assessments, so contact us today for further info and details about arranging your FREE RISK ASSESSMENT with Firebrand.